Compassion II (the window)


17″ x 14″ x 7/8″ canvas

acrylic, pieces of watercolor painting, blue silk fabric, hand embroidery, black and silver metallic threads

Simply a strikingly beautiful work combining different wet media: acrylic and watercolor.  What is seen “through” the “window?”  Note that one piece of the watercolor painting I hand embroidered tree branchs in black thread.  Of course, you the viewer are free to interpret the shapes as your mind wishes! Deep indigo, cobalt blue, light blue, turquoise, and white, with a bit of orange in the lower right edge.  Research shows that the cooler colors  of the color wheel (blue, green, violet) lower the blood pressure and heart rate.  (Although compassion can also require energy.) Perfect in a gallery collage of similarly – colored works.  Part of the Compassion Series.  Enjoy.  [See the gallery image of another watercolor on paper which I hand embroidered tree branches.]

nan genger

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