Connection Fabric Collage


23″ x 23″ fiber collage

misc. fabrics, cyanotype of family photo on linen, pieces of cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown and hand dyed textiles, machine stitching, hand embroidery, machine embroidered word “connection,” buttons, stencil with pen, zipper

This large fabric collage was a process-oriented project to explore the concept of “connection” as a vital quality of  Self in the Internal Family Systems model.  Textiles were collected from family and friends, as well as faculty, students and staff at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Fibers Department.  Upholstery fabrics, laces, cafe curtains, tee shirts, a pair of eyelet mini shorts, vintage dotted swiss and linen, and several cyanotypes were layered on a heavy canvas support.   Spontaneous machine stitching in a spiral motion created thick and textured layers.  Various embroidery stitches added color and visual movement.  The underside stitching has been called “a powerful visualization of a clear and concise idea that is made so much more transformative in the abstract.” Inspired by the work of Rebecca Ringquist.

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