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2020 Cambridge Open Studios Virtual Marketplace

Posters for sale! 2020 Cambridge Open Virtual Studios (or here on the website) Enhance that all-important Zoom background or newly found home yoga space with affordable posters of my acrylic paintings. Fan favorite Friends painting now available as a frameable 11″x14″ poster. Ten different posters for every decor. Covid19 curbside pickup in Cambridge, MA for all art.

Friends, Poster, 11"x14," Nan Genger
Friends, Poster, 11″x14,” Nan Genger
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Pandemic: Public Evidence Photo Series

In the early days of the pandemic quarantine I felt confusion, fear, anger, and the physical manifestation of stress. Unlike most of my neighbors, I took short exercise walks in the eerie deserted streets. Gradually, discarded latex gloves, disposable face masks and disinfectant wipes began to appear in the neighborhood. People were not in public: they were isolated behind closed doors. I saw the discarded PPE as public evidence of hidden private tragedies occurring minute by minute.

Pandemic: Public Evidence, Nan Genger, 2020
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Traditional Cameroon Clothing Redesigned into Pillows

Nan’s Redesigns Etsy shop awakened when a friend wanted pillows made from traditional clothing from Cameroon for her daughter and partner’s new apartment. The dresses were deconstructed, washed and dried, and pieced together for 5 different pillows.  My Etsy shop sold fabric handbags made from clothing, household textiles, remnants, and garage sale fabrics.  A housewarming gift made with love.

Label on back of 22″x22″ pillow, Nan Genger

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Art for IFS Molokai Retreat 2020

Curiosity, Collage, 3.5"x5," Mixed Media, 2019, Nan Genger
Curiosity, Collage, 3.5″x5,” Mixed Media, 2019, Nan Genger

For the third year, I am sending IFS themed collages to Dick Schwartz’s January IFS retreat on the island of Molokai, Hawaii.  The small works commemorate my eldest brother Michael who taught watercolor painting at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu campus.  His watercolors and hand-stamped papers are mixed with my acrylic painting pieces, cyanotypes, fabric, solvent image transfers, with machine stitching and hand embroidery.  The eight C’s and five P’s of Self energy are added to these gifts of healing and rememberance for the retreat participants.

Calm, Collage, 3.5"x5," Mixed media, 2019, Nan Genger
Calm, Collage, 3.5″x5,” Mixed media, 2019, Nan Genger








Courage, Collage, 3.5"x5," Mixed Media, 2019, Nan Genge
Courage, Collage, 3.5″x5,” Mixed Media, 2019, Nan Genger

Playfulness, Collage, 3.5"x5," Mixed Media, 2019, Nan Genger
Playfulness, Collage, 3.5″x5,” Mixed Media, 2019, Nan Genger


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Successful Cambridge Open Studios 2019

COS 2019, Mantaj and Neil with my collages
COS 2019, Mantaj and son Neil with my collages

COS 2019, with mYia and Phebe
COS 2019, with mYia and Phebe

COS 2019, Island of Compassion
COS 2019, Island of Compassion, Nan Genger



What a vibrant and successful Cambridge Open Studios 2019!   How grateful I am to family and friends and new buyers for your love and support.  Themes this year for my exhibit were personal and political: the Compassion Series and Climate Crisis Series. (on sale in the New Work section) “Sewing on canvas?” was a curious lean-in-to-look question for the mixed-media Compassion paintings. Rich discussions on the climate crisis, with one teary viewer relating how her mother survived the California fires.  Mexican photographer, Carlos Arzaga was drawn to the “climate refugees” fabric collage.  Also, there was interest in my processes to create cyanotypes in the Climate Crisis 8″x8″ fabric collages, and the rust colored textiles in the Rusted Trees Series.  Internal Family Systems was a welcome topic with the sale of the new Qualities of Self laminated posters. (find in the IFS section)  Thank you to my fellow artist, Mantaj Hans and her children for the continuous music and energy during the weekend.  More info:

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Richard Schwartz Receives “The Hope Merchant” Painting

Richard Schwartz, PhD and Nan Genger with The Hope Merchant

Richard Schwartz, PhD, accepted a custom painting entitled The Hope Merchant, as a gift of gratitude from me.  I presented the painting to him during an IFS training at the Cambridge Health Alliance in April.  Thank you Dr. Schwartz for founding the Internal Family Systems paradigm that is used in psychotherapy, addictions treatment, conflict negotiations, childhood education, and as a personal daily practice.   IFS extends compassion and hope in a world of complexity.