Black Lives Matter and Artists of Color


11″ x 14″ on heavy watercolor paper

acrylic, cracked gesso, metal key, monofilament hand sewn around key, on watercolor paper

The Artists of Color student group at MassArt held an assembly with the Black Lives Matter in the Spring of 2016. They presented the acting president a list of demands to address the longstanding underrepresentation of students of color at the college.  Demands included adding people of color and LGBTQ staff in counseling, housing, and other offices.  Anti-racism trainings for faculty, staff and students was also proposed.  It was a powerful meeting which spearheaded much change at the college.  I was fortunate to be a student and attendee at the meeting.

The white textured gesso refers to cracks in the white privilege educational system.  The camouflaged white key represents how institutions hide access to white power structures, in this case, following the cultural adage: “education is the key to success.”

nan genger

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