100 Parts in 100 Days Series

This series was a creative exercise using Internal Family Sytems techniques.  It explored the concept of “parts,” the internal multiplicity we all possess. Parts were given attention during daily meditation (Richard Schwartz’s Meditations for Self). Trailheads led to loyal protectors (critics, procrastination, perfectionism), and hurt exiles were soothed, witnessed and healed. Creative energy and novel ideas flourished. IFS website: www.selfleadership.org. All photography, woven and dyed textiles, cyanotypes, monoprints, watercolors, acrylic paintings, handmade papers, image transfers, embroidery, and sewing, are by Nan Genger.

[Note: 11″ x 14″ works fit standard frames. Please use spacers to keep paint from touching the glass. Larger frames with mats are also recommended.]

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