Fuck/Stop Police Brutality


11″ x 14″ x ¾” wood box

acrylic monoprint, transfers on fabrics: c.1801 diagram of the ‘Brookes’ slave ship on cotton, with overlay of organza “FUCK STOP POLICE BRUTALITY,” machine stitching, on paper, mounted on a wooden panel box with white edges

nan genger

Image published in The Election as Physical Experience (zine), January, 2017, online: www.recodinghistory.com
Image published in Center of Vision, Issue #7, March, page 10, (Mass. College of Art and Design publication)

The text was based on street graffiti in Ferguson, Missouri during the community rebellions that followed the acquittal of police officers for the fatal shootings of African Americans in U.S. cities.  Second photo was in Cambridge, Massachusetts Porter Square bus station.  Lastest grafitti found on a bus stop cover on Hampshire St., Inman Square Cambridge on October 30, 2019. It only lasted a few hours. (See product gallery photos)

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