Weaving Connections


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16″wide x 12″high  x 1¾”deep

acrylic, monoprint of handmade weaving, weaving piece, silver leaf, thread

The canvas was first silver leafed.  Then it was covered with a beautiful imprint of a basketweave patterned weaving I completed on a large loom in the Fibers Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  A section of the linen thread scarf was painted white and silver leafed, then hand stitched on the canvas with metallic silver thread.  The ancient practice of weaving is often used as a metaphor for human connection, community, and the complexities of social engagement.  While painting, I listened to the music of Riley Lee’s Buddhas’s Dream, which was a favorite of my brother Michael who passed a year ago.  Thank you Mike.

Nan Genger, 2018

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