Climate Crisis: Storms/Floods (fabric collage)


8″ x 8″ x 1.5″ deep stretched canvas

The top section is a collage of fabric pieces I have dyed (cyanotype* strips; and a solvent image transfer on blue dupioni silk), and stamped (with an orange half; and a wooden block wrapped with a metal chain).  This collage is attached to a linen piece of fabric glued to the canvas.  The collage piece lifts up to reveal two small muslin strips stamped with the words “storms” and “floods.”  The sides are wrapped with various fabric strips in tones of white on two sides and beige on the other two.  Additional  hand embroidery (blue thread) embellishes the top piece.  The top back edge has an attached wire for hanging.

* cyanotypes have a characteristically indigo blue color, made by a process which uses a light sensitive emultion spread on the fabric, topped with an acetate transparency or negative and a glass piece, exposed to a light source, then rinsed and dried.        nan genger

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