Black Lives Matter Series

The Black Lives Matter movement is bravely and militantly calling for an end to racism in all its dangerous forms. This is a series of 5 small canvases.  Each is wrapped with fabric strips dipped in acrylic paint (referencing bandages wrapping physical and emotional wounds) in layers (indicating the all-encompassing historial, economic and social context).   Fabric pieces with transfered images (from historical sources) and words were added.  Tape imprinted with numbers denotes the magnitude of kidnappings, enslavement, incarcerations, and murders.  The impetus for the transgender piece arose from participating in the 2015 Boston Pride march. There, activists stopped the procession for 14 minutes to speak the names of 14 transgender people who had been killed so far that year. (see photo) The full purchase price of this series will be sent directly to the Boston chapter of Black Lives Matter.           Facebook: Black Life Matters-Boston

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