Series: 100 Parts in 100 Days

A series of 100 mixed media art. Organized by color/texture to make it easy to decorate your home or office. These unique one-of-a-kind pieces fit a standard 11″x14″ frame, or larger when behind a mat. Spacers can be placed to ensure that paint does not directly touch the glass. Framing available upon request. Enjoy! – Nan

Artist Statement: 100 Parts in 100 Days Series (2016)
I identify as a disabled artist, a trauma survivor, who holds supreme gratitude for the effectiveness of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.  This ambitious series of 100 mixed media pieces produced in 100 days was an exercise in artistic creativity employing IFS techniques.  It explored the fundamental concept of “parts,” the internal multiplicity we all possess.  The process involved giving attention to parts which came forward daily using Richard Schwartz’s (the founder of IFS) Meditations for Self.   Accordingly, hurt and shamed young parts were soothed and witnessed, and hardy protectors — low self-esteem, critics, procrastination, and perfectionism — were appreciated and transformed. There was constant creative energy and a vastness of novel ideas throughout the 100 days and thereafter.  All mediums used were original.  For more information about IFS, see the Center for Self Leadership.

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